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It all started in San Diego…

       The city where the sun always shines and dreams, hopes and promises come true! In 1998, Joon-Suk Kim opened Tofu house with the mission to serve Korean immigrants with warm and comforting food to make them feel at home. Inspired by the desire to spread Korean authentic cuisine to the greater community, Tofu house has continued to serve and satisfy customers with its healthy and savory tofu soup.

       Today, Tofu House is not only loved by the Korean community but also by customers of all different backgrounds throughout the neighborhood. Tofu House has been featured on many newspaper articles and TV shows due to the growing popularity of both Korean cuisine and organic, healthy foods. Be sure to try our hot, bubbling tofu soup- it often times leaves customers mesmerized!

       Interested in becoming a franchisee? We would like to invite franchisees to join us spread the joy of Korean cuisine throughout the nation. We, as Tofu House, strive to develop new dishes to satisfy our customers, leading to continuous and stable sales. We have already developed a supply system through which we are assured to get fresh ingredients at an affordable price!

A healthy Korean stew made with soft tofu


1. You don’t have to worry about epidemics such as mad cow disease or avian influenza

2. You can start your own business with little capital

3. Tofu House is a family friendly business

4. Tofu House offers affordable prices that attracts customers even during recession

5. Guaranteed visa status <can apply E-3 visa>



1. You can choose your own location

2. You can choose your own remodeling company

3. We train your employees

4. New dishes are continuously being developed

5. Fresh and affordable ingredients are provided

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